Songs of Love & War

Songs of Love & War

Songs of Love & War

with guest musicians:
Ron Aspry
Colin Blunstone
Chris Cozens
Debi Doss
John Giblin
Sebastion Graham-Jones
Tony Hymas
Nick Magnus
Simon Phillips
Nic Potter

Scull Twins
Suddenly Last Summer
Love Leads You
I Fall Again
The Small Hours
Wild Places
Journey ’93
High Windows
Romantic Comedy
Barry’s Lament

Here is Duncan Browne’s long awaited new album; Songs of Love & War.

In addition to his innovative solo albums, he loved interpreting, inhabiting and contributing to other peoples’ schemes – Richard Denton’s films, our own work in the theatre and television, the sustained fertile relationships with Nick Magnus, Colin Blunstone, Nic Potter, Terry & Mandy Oates and John Boughtwood at Eaton Music, Dave Mackay, Geoff Hannington, the BBC World Service and many more – all part of a creative life, cruelly curtailed in May 1993.

All of us seeking the unsentimental, cool commitment on which Duncan himself would have insisted, have worked to complete this collection, with his often hilariously ruthless instructions echoing through our collective senses, defining and re-defining the process at every stage.

His tireless self criticism, his passionate, uncompromising, inspiration support of hid colleagues, and his uniquely subjective musicality have inspired us all. His beautiful, humorous talent and unforgettable companionship in art and its fierce fires, have encompassed us all. Listen to this, then. Enjoy, celebrate and remember.

From all of us, a dedication of love to Duncan Browne.

Sebastion Graham-Jones

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  1. I’m still searching for a ‘real’ copy that I can buy (even a used one)!
    Amazon only tells me since years “currently unavailable”. The bids on eBay regularly exceed my financial limit which is about $50 for a used on (depends on the condition of the CD), or the whole auction turns out to be a cheat!

    Any advices, clues, references and offers are highly welcome!

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