Journey: The Anthology 1967-1993

Journey: The Anthology 1967-1993

Journey: The Anthology 1967-1993

Disc: 1
1. Here and Now
2. On the Bombsite
3. Alfred Bell
4. Give Me, Take You
5. Ninepence Worth of Walking
6. Dwarf in a Tree (A Cautionary Tale)
7. Ghost Walks
8. Chloe in the Garden
9. Cherry Blossom Fool
10. Resurrection Joe
11. Final Asylum
12. Journey
13. Ragged Rain Life
14. Country Song
15. Babe Rainbow
16. Last Time Around
17. Send Me the Bill for Your Friendship
18. Black Lace Shoulder
19. Paris
20. Precious

Disc: 2
1. Criminal World
2. Wild Places
3. Roman Vecu
4. Kisarazu
5. Planet Earth
6. Fauvette
7. American Heartbeat
8. Streets of Fire
9. Theme from “The Travelling Man”
10. Day for Night
11. End of the Line
12. Wild Places ’91
13. Scull Twins
14. Rainer
15. Berceuse
16. Toys
17. No Name Girl
18. Journey ’93

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2 thoughts on “Journey: The Anthology 1967-1993”

  1. I dissagree with you as there are extra previously unreleased tracks on this collection which I welcome eg. Here and Now and Toys.The recording quality or digital playback is also better than the previous recordings. If you are a completeist like me you welcome any additional recordings by Duncan. I have now all his music except for the 2nd and 3rd Metro which cannot be obtained anywhere even though he was not on them.
    George Fazakas

  2. Sorry about my comment but this album is really… Isn’t that amazing? I would never ever make such an album. Just release all the recordings in one box and that’s it. That is duncan, not a scrap of some songs, he much more than that. Then there are lots of songs missing here, too. No, I think this is a mistake, buy this album but go out and find the missing tracks. You will see I am right.

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