Duncan Browne
Peter Godwin
Sean Lyons
John Dearie Giblin
Simon Phillips
Graham Preskett
Barry Husband
Keith Hodge

Criminal World
Overture to Flame
Mono Messiah
Black Lace Shoulder
One-Way Night

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9 thoughts on “Metro”

  1. Metro – what a stunning album. I only have to hear the opening bars of ‘Paris’ and I’m 19 again and in love. Can anyone transcribe the lyrics for ‘Paris’ or point me to a link? Are they on the original vinyl album? Thanks for a great site.

  2. Yes, the fascination never goes away. As louche as it gets, the girls are fallen angels (or worse), and still I listen to this one album. I saw them once live, just after the split, when they became Public Zone, and although it was good (Stewart Copeland on drums!), it lacked the Duncan Browne touch ….

  3. I am glad that at least this site exists, after I had the feeling, the whole world would have forgotten about Duncan.
    I owe the pleasure to know the music of Duncan Browne to the great British radio presenter and DJ Alan Bangs, who, living in Germany had his famous radio program ‘Nightflight’ at BFBS in Germany at that time. I was an enthusiastic regular listener. Alan Bangs introduced nearly all the record in his programme. After having heard songs like ‘Black Lace Shoulder’ or ‘One-Way Night’ I was lost (I was lost – a line from a song 🙂 ) and I went to a record store and ordered the LP. So good I did, it isn’t easy to get hold of it today. Later Alan Bangs played songs from ‘Wild Places’ as well, and again I didn’t waste much time to get the record as well.
    Metro, my initiation-record, is music, that takes you on a trip to unknown places. And it takes you there with lust and pleasure. Yes, it is decadent, like Hans Peters mentions, but this decadence feels so good! I don’t listen to it too often, because I want to preserve its sensational precious moment for all ages. And really, 34 years (!!!) later the fascination is still there. Magic!

  4. Hans is right. It is a master piece. I recently posted “One way night” on my facebook and i got asonishing feedback of people asking who Metro is. This song is timeless. As masterpieces are.
    Another brilliant track (not in this album) is “America in my head”. Amazing sound, inspiring, genuine.
    Matro is an undiscovered diamond.

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  6. Best production ever. Better as any album I have ever heard. Unbelievable decadent. If you don’t know what the word means, here it is. Such a gift. What a shame only one album appeared. Superb musicians and that finishing touch, it drips of the album, so much to hear, so much to discover. Black Lace Shoulder, amazing, gipsy, Jade wonderfull guitar, Overture to Flame and Flame… man oh man, it will take you away, it will.

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