Duncan Browne

Duncan Browne Journey

Duncan Browne

with guest musicians

Robert Henritt
Jim Rodford
John “Rabbit” Bundrick
John Cameron
Tony Carr
Suzi Quatro
Keith Hodge

Ragged Rain Life
Country Song
The Martlet
My Only Son
Babe Rainbow
Cast No Shadow
Over the Reef
My Old Friends
Last Time Around

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One thought on “Duncan Browne”

  1. My Only Son, Journey, Cast No Shadow, Babe Rainbow and My Old Friends are masterpieces. I went to England, London, when I heard this album was for sale in Oxfordstreet. I read about it in a paper, phoned the shop and they hold it back for me.
    I took the boot from Holland, London and went back. That album has been on my recordplayer for months.

    The atmosphere here created, that taste of sound, the lyrics, the story’s and than the way Duncan translated it in a few lines with the music and how he played it. The sound of that guitar, the piano, it stuck my breath and my spinalchord weld up. So deep.

    Everybody in my area, my friends, family, they all copied this album when I got back. It has never been for sale here and so very hard to get. It has been the most expensive album in my life but it is worth every penny of it and yes, I would do it again, now.

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